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How much does pest control cost?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Well, the simple answer... it's fairly priced. Considering the size of the company offering pest control, as well as labor costs and pesticides, you have a lot of financial decisions to make as a pest control business. Here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, my company charges on the lower end due to being the new guys in town. I've been in Rio Rancho all my life, and I love where I'm from. Starting my business in New Mexico was a natural choice. Let's talk about each factor.

Bigger companies have a lot of assets and costs, and technicians aren't cheap. Does that mean it's fair for them to charge a higher price? I believe so. But it doesn't mean the consumer can't explore their options. Considering what bug spraying entails, I do believe that hiring a licensed technician is the way to go. You don't want to harm yourself or your family! Now, think about the fleet of cars you see some of these companies with. It must mean business is booming, right? Just remember that a great fleet comes with a higher price.

Technicians also need a salary. No one works for free, and each technician needs to pass an exam to demonstrate their knowledge. But beyond that, they have experience and knowledge that many consumers don't possess. Pesticides are dangerous! We need to ensure everyone's safety.

Pesticides themselves come in many different categories and brands. Just like pest control companies specialize in different things, so do the pesticides. Being a technician or a commercial applicator gives you the knowledge of available options, of course at a price. Pesticides that technicians and commercial applicators use are more specialized for specific pests and can be very safe when used properly.

Regulations play a significant role nowadays. Technicians and commercial applicators work hard to ensure they're doing the right job at a fair price while complying with state laws. That's the most important aspect of being licensed: following the laws. Regardless of the pest control provider you choose, keep in mind that these professionals are monitored by an agency and must adhere to regulations to maintain their license.

How much does pest control cost? Most company will charge you around $100-$250 for a program or a one-time pest control. This is a good estimate for most companys of course you will have oddballs. My company personally starts at $74.99 for pesticide application.

Picture of Rio Rancho, New Mexico (weed city).


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